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Hello there! Thanks for visiting,

I’ve been working for Felix for three years now, and I love this paper. In my experience undertaking roles such as News Reporter, Copy Editor, Photographer, Web Editor, News Editor (2010-11) and Science Editor (2012-12), I’ve learnt a lot about how to keep Felix running, and I feel the time has come for me to take the reins.

I’m a third year Computing student, and I’ve always had a keen interest in writing and journalism. I’ve contributed to The Guardian, The London Student and The Medical Student before and Felix has certainly taken up most of my time during my degree. Since the day I started at Imperial, I’ve dedicated myself to staying on top of news every week. So why should you vote for me?

Transparency: Your Felix, your rules

A vote for me is a vote for openness, approachability and sociability throughout Felix. Whenever I go out representing the cat, I do my best to get people involved. Anyone should be able to contribute, and everyone should know our door’s always open. If elected, I will set up and man a Felix stall in the JCR every week to get to know our readers personally, to listen to your criticisms, and to give you a platform to approach us and get involved.

We’re not just a newspaper, but a society too. We’ve seen some incredible efforts put in this year and watching freshers, postgraduates and everyone in between become such an integral part of Felix is wonderful and needs to be continued. As your Editor, I promise not to just look after Felix, but also to do my best to keep you, the readers, happy. I will communicate transparently to help make Felix your paper, one that you can truly be proud of, and one that reflects the excellence of this university.

Stability: A bigger Hangman

We need to bring back Hangman. I’ve listened to your comments and it’s pretty clear that you want Felix to be funny. You just want it done right. We’ve learnt some valuable lessons this year, and if you elect me, I promise to triple Felix’s comedic content and launch two new Hangman subsections to give you those much-needed laughs. Satire, and I’m talking Mock The Week style repartee localised to Imperial, would feature prominently in my Felix.

We’re a student paper, not The Guardian, and you can rest assured that while I will continue to stay on top of college issues and bring you interesting features weekly, we’ll keep it as entertaining as possible for you. More comics, more wit, more investigative journalism and more opportunities for you to write in and get involved. It’s your content, done your way.

Professionalism: No more mistakes

We can do so much more with the resources we have. Felix is based near PhotoSoc in the West Basement of Beit Quad, and we’re down the corridor from Stoic TV as well as IC Radio. If elected, I will closely collaborate with the rest of the Media Group to produce more entertaining shows, as well as revamping FelixOnline to get relevant student-led videos showing up on our online articles too.

Together, we can be a very strong media outlet, and I will ensure our output resonates with your interests at the core. We will introduce ways to allow you to anonymously tip-off Felix about any potentially newsworthy material, and with our resources, we can deploy a team armed with cameras to capture the moments as they happen. If elected, I will also improve our quality control so that we catch mistakes and errors effectively. We’re all tired of seeing errors in an article’s research, spelling or grammar, and I vow to put a stop to them.

Outside the box: Keeping the Cat free

South Kensington isn’t our only campus, and I feel it’s important to ensure we’re reporting on Imperial as a whole where relevant. If elected, I promise to look into ways of distributing the paper to other campuses that do not currently receive Felix, and I will proactively look into producing a sister publication targeted at Silwood Park whilst ensuring I, Science and Phoenix are comprehensively taken care of. As Science Editor this year I’ve helped keep our section open to contributors to I, Science, and unified collaboration is key to our prosperity.

If elected, I will adhere to a rigorous schedule to keep the distribution points filled and will introduce improvements to the way we deliver to Charing Cross and the Reynolds. There’s no reason our website has to follow the same deadlines as the paper, too. I’ll increase our frontline reporting, post to the website more frequently, and as we’ve been on the same design for nearly two years now, I feel a departure from the current style will be beneficial, introducing a fresh look and feel.

Alexander Karapetian: Your Editor

Felix is an award winning publication and I have been tirelessly involved in ensuring its production to the highest standard in both content and coverage thus far. If elected, I will aspire to elevate its standard and maintain its award winning status, and your vote can make it happen. Unleash the true potential of Felix and vote Alexander Karapetian for Felix Editor. Thanks!

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About Alexander Karapetian

Software Engineer & Computer Scientist from Imperial College.
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