Six months on…

So the dust settled and it comes to not only the end of the summer holidays, but the end of the first term of my final year of study at Imperial. It’s been an eventful three months, but for the sake of continuity I’ll briefly summarise the three before. I took a rain check on going to the Build Windows conference and as it turns out, unfortunately hadn’t the time. The Royal Academy of Engineering were also somewhat reluctant to fund the trip if it didn’t include some sort of industrial visit. I did, however, visit some Windows Phone 7 developer camps and learn more about C# and Windows Azure.

Otherwise, I kicked off the third year giving up my old position as News Editor for Felix, our student newspaper, and taking up another in Felix Science. Being a Science Editor on top of the flexibilities of the final year projects meant I could spend more time across the board, and I sustained my usual output for the News section as a reporter on top of my new workload. I’ve learnt a lot having to research various intriguing stories for Science, (albeit having been typecast to the more physics and quantum themed stories) and we signed off with a feature on snowflakes. We’ve received a few compliments about the section and I’m really proud of how it’s going so far, managing to push four pages almost every week. I’m also particularly happy I wrote a few Comment pieces, notably a head-to-head debate on different University systems and a discussion following a study on the effects of social media here and there. The academic workload isn’t set to decrease, however, and as the final year group project draws to a close, the individual project begins.

I remained actively involved in both RCSU and CGCU events (Scientists’ and Engineers’ unions, respectively) throughout these three months and met a lot of new people (notably the first years) who brought a wave of enthusiasm that refreshed the whole experience. As expected, though, I’ve been very busy balancing academic study, group projects, Felix and the occasional partying. The evidence stands, I’ve only been able to update this blog now!

I’m not living with Fraser this year, but I’ve moved slightly further down the road closer to medic central, one might say. He’s spending time being an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (UTA) and I won’t doubt the Computing freshers are learning extensively from him and having their minds blown on a regular basis. I’ve been using my spare time entering various writing competitions, I was lucky enough to take the mathematics prize for the Science Challenge 2011, the award ceremony for which was in November. In addition, I’m preparing an app to help publicise IC Radio, our radio station. It should be finished very soon, especially since I got my first Mac to be able to use Xcode outside of the labs and work from home.

I hope to be able to find time to continue playing Pokémon Black sometime soon, and I have extra co-op content in Portal 2 to get done with Sorin, my Partner In Science who’s just about recovering from the second year compilers coursework. Nonetheless, I look forward to the ever-increasing and unavoidable festivities of the coming week. Merry Christmas everyone!

Alexander Karapetian


About Alexander Karapetian

Software Engineer & Computer Scientist from Imperial College.
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  1. anonymous says:

    Merry Christmas KaraCorp.

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