I could have written this sooner, but I’ve been otherwise occupied by various activities, notably the commencement of a group project, Portal 2 and a surprise thirty day subscription to PlanetSide provided by SOE as a token of forgiveness for the Playstation Network going down.

So, exams finished last Friday, giving me the freedom to declare my, well.. freedom! But is it really so? With the amount of lectures I have this term decreasing to zero, I should very much feel free, but it comes at a price. Last year, we were given coursework over the summer involving programming in C, and this year, to show the Department of Computing hasn’t gone soft in its pursuit to disrupt post-exam celebrations, we’ve been given quite a sizable group project involving writing a game – backend database and all. I hear this project has resulted in titles such as the likes of Darwinia and Uplink. While I don’t aim to direct my team to such an ambitious end, I do maintain that we’ll end up with a respectable grade and am enjoying myself thus far.

I downloaded Portal 2 as I got home after my exams and began playing the next day. I’ve completed the single player campaign after some ten to eleven hours of gameplay split over the week, finishing yesterday. Needless to say, the experience was legendary and amazingly immersive, as I’d hoped. With regards to PlanetSide, I was a regular player quite a while ago and returning for a short while was fun, even though I almost ended up crashing an aircraft at one point due to being a little rusty.

The exams were quite up and down. The season kicked off with the easier ones at first and ended on a low, lasting from May 3rd to the 20th with one every two or three days. Nevertheless, I’ve eased back into the term in a partially relaxed manner, despite being incredibly busy in the first week and getting very little sleep.

Freedom is on the horizon once more.

Alex Kara


About Alexander Karapetian

Software Engineer & Computer Scientist from Imperial College.
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