Alexander Karapetian for Felix Editor

UPDATE: Voting closed, elections over. Thanks for all the support. :)

Hello! Thanks for visiting,

I’ve decided to host my campaign on my personal blog to demonstrate my unrelenting desire for reporting and media orientation. Feel free to read historical posts. My full manifesto follows:

I’ve worked under Felix as a News Reporter, Copy Editor and Photographer for my first year and as a News Editor for my second, consistently reporting on stories following current events, both intrinsic to Imperial and external. Stories I’ve personally run include a feature on the Browne Review last year and various PhD funding and ICT issues including vulnerabilities this year. If elected, I promise to implement the following improvements to Felix:

FelixOnline was just the beginning…

I aim to polish the online presence of Felix and give the paper an entry point into the world of mobile media, allowing students to read issues in a manner tailored to their phones regardless of physical issue availability. I promise a Felix Mobile iPhone app for use with the FelixOnline website. The app will eventually be ported to Blackberry, Android and the Windows Phone 7 platforms and readers may use built in features to tip off the Felix team of any ongoing newsworthy activity or even submit articles of their own. I have considerable experience with mobile development and began leading a team on developing the iPhone version of the mobile app early this year.

The mobile app will counter physical limitations to writing for Felix (such as students in other campuses). As E-mail is currently the only form of article submission, my deep role in Felix News for two years has allowed me to realise the importance of releasing this app. Currently, I am the only candidate which discusses some of the specific features which will be available and how this will help.

This foothold will grant Felix a resident position in many students’ mobile devices across campus. Felix Mobile, with features such as providing anonymous tip-offs, discussion threads and image/article uploading to the Felix team, will allow us to be alerted to news across all campuses as they happen, and will increase our rate of rapid investigation.

Giving Felix Mobile the ability to upload to our servers makes every reader of FelixOnline a contributor, simply whipping out their camera phone and snapping that killer shot on the scene. This would work hand in hand with my point of breaking down barriers between the team and students, giving the people more control of their content.

Total Openness, Approachability and Sociability

Any Imperial student should be able to write for Felix. This not only means the ability to write, but lifting the social boundaries associated with approaching the team. I have had various criticisms of exclusivity and will work to the best of my abilities to innovate new ways of getting involved. Integration with the aforementioned app would increase the social context in which Felix resides, allowing discussion of articles to become radically popularised. No longer will readers miss out on articles or the discussions simply because issues are not available in the stands.

Increased collaboration with Stoic TV and PhotoSoc will allow an extended team with cameras ready to deploy on whatever news we may be alerted to on campus, whether through Felix Mobile or other means. I promise to take criticisms from the student body regarding the paper into account, and would invite potential contributors to express interest or submit articles and opinions through a variety of new means.

Becoming The People’s Paper

The Felix Editor’s job is a very social role. If elected, I will endeavour to actively promote the Felix name and maintain a high level of approachability and sociability in order to welcome potential writers. I will hold more prize-winning competitions and events to raise enthusiasm and participation.

Felix is an award winning publication and I have been involved in ensuring its production to the highest standard in both content and coverage for almost two years. If elected, I will aspire to elevate the standard of the entire paper, and your vote can make it happen.

Vote Alexander Karapetian for Felix Editor!

Hustings: 3rd March 2011 – 6:30pm @ 568

Voting Opens: 8th March 2011

Voting Closes: 12th March 2011

Place a 1 next to my name to vote for me.

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About Alexander Karapetian

Software Engineer & Computer Scientist from Imperial College.
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