Happy New Year! Contrary to 2010, where I went to see the fireworks at Embankment for the first time, I spent the countdown with friends. Christmas passed and I only went out twice this holiday thus far, sleeping in and processing images from last term. Presents included Bejeweled 3 and Golden Sun 3, which I predict will take majority of my time in the upcoming term.

This year will be an important one and I have a feeling that last year, although difficult to top (clubbing, living at halls, my internship..), will be strongly rivalled. The Daily Mail sparked interest today with a report on Imperial medics heavily drinking at the Reynolds Bar. Being a regular frequenter of the bar myself, although not a medic, I must say I am disgusted at the scaremongering and exaggeration included in the report. Sports nights involve heavy drinking in both the medics’ union and the rest of Imperial’s, it’s a well-earned reward for the challenges overcome during the day. I do hope this doesn’t turn into a repeat of last year, where calls to “save the Reynolds Bar” were necessary.

Nevertheless, I look forward to upcoming events and hold the comings of 2011 with optimistic regard. I hope you do too!

Alex Kara


About Alexander Karapetian

Software Engineer & Computer Scientist from Imperial College.
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