Statistically speaking..

Hey, apologies for not making a post in so long – I’ve been swamped with work which I’ve so cleverly put off to the last minute. A string of all nighters pulled all of last week may allow going out next week without the burden of deadlines plaguing my mind, but it came at the cost of missing a few lectures. Frankly I’m surprised, I missed no lectures last year, and here I am, oversleeping like a typical student. I’ve just become a statistic. I call exceptional circumstances though, what with the onslaught of 5-6 simultaneous courseworks all with deadlines in a week. Of these, 3 are done, one is almost finished at the time of writing this and one more awaits when Josh comes over tomorrow (group exercise).

I was doing Statistics coursework for about 3 days. Well, I say ‘doing’ – feel free to replace with ‘trying to start’. A simple boundary given to a function for which I needed to find a Maclaurin series expansion threw me off. I was probably subconsciously aware that it was the same kind of question I’ve always been used to, but no. This one detail that made things slightly different caused my mind to close up for a while. Motivation fail.

I spent up to 6am last night getting it all done, and I must say, regardless of how much the Biomeds are hating it at the moment, I revisited the R programming language and it helped. Finding the maximum likelihood estimate for a set of data representing nuclear decay is annoying. You’d think I was doing Physics.

But alas, my reward for completing that will be seeing a few good friends play in the IC Sinfonietta concert tonight, and my reward for finishing tomorrow’s group work will be going out to Metric for a bio event. I’ll hopefully have time to go Christmas shopping, but for now I’m being a bit selfish and wondering what to get myself.. *whistles*

Alex Kara


About Alexander Karapetian

Software Engineer & Computer Scientist from Imperial College.
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