Windows Live Linked IDs

Windows Live has introduced a new facility to accommodate users with more than one E-mail address belonging to the Windows Live ID system. Dubbed a  ”Windows Live Linked ID”, users will be able to systematically link all of their accounts together to allow fast switching or sending E-mails from one account while signed in to another.

Visit the Windows Live ID account page to set up this service. Simply, you type the E-mail and password to add, and it will be available in the top right corner of every Windows Live page via a drop down list. Note, however, that anyone with access to at least one of the accounts will be given full access to all accounts via either of the passwords. Only Link your Live IDs if you have absolute control over them.

Also, if any of the accounts are set for their passwords to expire within 72 days, all account passwords linked to them will need to be changed as well. Start using this service and enjoy!

Alexander Karapetian


About Alexander Karapetian

Software Engineer & Computer Scientist from Imperial College.
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