Transition Period

My college life is currently undergoing a transition period, because my tutor recommended me to upgrade my Pure Maths/Mechanics course to Further Math.. Apparently, I should have been offered this at enrolment, but at the time, I was recommended Mechanics as it would go well with Physics and Computing.

Further Math is only open to those who achieved A or above in the Math GCSE, including 44 points from the 8 best grades while Pure Maths requires B or above. It covers all the topics in Pure Maths/Mechanics and Pure Maths/Statistics so is worth two A levels at the end of the two year course. If I take this, I’ll receive one A level in Math when everyone gets their AS level, and two A levels when they receive their first.

The catch is that to take this, I’ll have a total of six A levels. As much as I’d like to take on the challenge, the modules clash and the times overlap. As a result, I will need to move my Computing course from module 6 to either 4 or 3. Law will need to be dropped to allow this to occur. Further Math takes up two module numbers, 1 and 6. To justify this, I understand that a Law A level is not required to do a Law degree in University, but Further Math is required to get into Oxford, Cambridge or the Imperial College of London. I can always take Law later..

I have to admit, Law was getting a little tiresome.. All my knowledge is of the legal system used within the USA (thanks to crime dramas such as CSI, Law & Order and NCIS) and I occasionally made mistakes when trying to apply my knowledge to the English Legal System, although I was assured the two are similar by my tutor.

This Wednesday I will have probably transitioned Computing to one of the other two modules and dropped Law in order to make room for Further Math. I hope I can handle whatever topics are within.

Alex Kara


About Alexander Karapetian

Software Engineer & Computer Scientist from Imperial College.
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