Microsoft Office Launch Event – Coding Session 2

I went to the Microsoft Office 2007 Launch event at Microsoft’s campus in Thames Valley Park today, it was great!

They made us code an add on to Office Excel 2007 which integrates with Windows Live Local and is kinda like an IM client. I managed to code around half of it and it integrated with Excel well, it’s just that I had too many exceptions so it wouldn’t sign in..

Well, I did okay considering I did not know how to code in C#.. I managed to get the add ons tab in Excel and the sign in button, but it did not work that well. It did compile though!

It was like sitting in an exam, we all had our own machines with everything we needed. If we needed help, we’d ask one of the MSDN guys there.. Else, it was just coding for 2 hours straight. Still fun though!

I am just faced with one major choice now.. I am eligible for either Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate Edition OR Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2007 for free.. I’m thinking Vista Ultimate, but I have my doubts..

I’ve posted a few images in a new album called ”Events”, have a look!


About Alexander Karapetian

Software Engineer & Computer Scientist from Imperial College.
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